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Anywhere.pl is a passionate media platform with years of experience that focuses on creating publications based on great images, words and interesting people. For 12 years, the company has been thriving in the market, engaging in the production of interviews, features, travel, culinary, fashion, design, moto, business and culture, photo shoots, as well as a large amount of video content.

The Challenge

Capturing readers' attention in an era of declining interest in newspapers

One of the biggest challenges Anywhere faced was the declining interest in traditional newspapers, especially at the airports where they were published. Despite their high-quality content and attractive topics, newspapers no longer attracted as many readers as they once did. So Anywhere sought innovative solutions to revitalize their publications and attract new readers.

The Solution

AR technology as a tool to attract readers

Runvido, which specializes in creating personalized games and apps based on AR technology, has come up with an innovative solution. With the app, readers can hover their smartphone over the cover of a newspaper to play a video of the person on it. The reader can see Grzegorz Markowski and other Polish celebrities encouraging the reader to read the newspaper. This innovative and engaging interaction attracts readers' attention and makes Anywhere.pl newspapers more attractive. In addition, the cooperation has been expanded to include another innovative element - interactive ads. Thanks to AR technology, readers can hover a smartphone over an ad, which triggers additional multimedia content.

The Result

The success of innovative idea: Increasing interest in newspaper

The introduction of AR technology in Anywhere.pl newspapers brings positive results. The number of plays of videos on newspaper covers exceeds expectations, and interest in newspapers increases significantly. Readers appreciate the creativity and innovation of this solution, which contributes to increasing their engagement and loyalty to the Anywhere brand.

Introducing AR technology to airport newspapers is just one example of how Runvido can help companies in various industries leverage AR technology to increase interest in their products or services. Whatever challenges your company faces, Runvido is ready to help you find innovative and effective solutions.

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