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Carpathian Startup Fest 2023 x Runvido

Carpathian Startup Fest to wydarzenie, które każdego roku przyciąga uwagę liderów branży technologicznej. W dniach 15-16  czerwca Hala w Jesionce stała się domem dla tych, którzy pragną zmieniać świat technologią, w tym dla zespołu Runvido.

Carpathian Startup Fest 2023 is one of the key calendar points for every technology and entrepreneurship enthusiast. Organized by the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency JSC, Subcarpathian Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis” and their partners, this festival provides a platform for startups, investors, corporations and the media to share ideas, experiences and innovations together. We, the Runvido team, had the pleasure of being a part of this inspiring initiative.

Hala w Jasionce

That event is not only a meeting place for technology pioneers but also an excellent opportunity to present innovative solutions and connect with potential investors.

Runvido, jako jeden z głównych partnerów Carpathian Startup Fest 2023, miał nie tylko okazję zaprezentować się wśród innych innowacyjnych firm, ale przede wszystkim przedstawić swoją najnowszą inicjatywę  – platformę Innovcab. Chcąc sprostać wyzwaniom współczesnej branży startupowej, stworzyliśmy miejsce, które jest mostem między wizjonerskimi pomysłodawcami a inwestorami poszukującymi oryginalnych rozwiązań na rynku technologicznym.

At the event we presented our innovative Innovcab pod in which startups could record their pitches. A fully equipped interior, professional lighting and recording gear provided the backdrop for many energetic and compelling pitches. Festival attendees eagerly took advantage of this opportunity, aware that each recording goes into a database accessible to a wide range of investors.

Innovcab is not just a recording tool.

It’s a well-thought-out strategy to make the process of raising funds faster and easier. Thanks to it, startups don’t have to spend months searching for the right business partner - all they need is one well-prepared recording that gets into the hands of people ready to invest in the future.

Carpathian Startup Fest 2023
Carpathian Startup Fest 2023
Carpathian Startup Fest 2023

We were pleased to see participants leave the pod with smiles on their faces, knowing that their ideas now have a chance to make it on the global market. Many of them thanked us for creating such a place, emphasizing how important it is for young entrepreneurs to have tools that really make it easier to get started in business.

During the festival, we also had the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants, which allowed us to explore the needs of the industry and inspire us to move forward.

Carpathian Startup Fest 2023 brought us many valuable contacts, great memories and confirmed that our work is going in the right direction. We look forward to future editions and the new opportunities the future will bring.

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