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Na obrazku znajduje się Jacek Stachursky


Jacek Władysław Łaszczok, better known as Stachursky, is a well-known figure on the Polish music industry. Starting his career in the 80s as the vocalist of the rock band Eve, Stachursky has come a long way, gaining fame and recognition in various music genres. From rock music, through disco polo, to dance and club music, Stachursky has created a recognizable image of an artist who is not afraid to experiment.

The Challenge

Innovative Approach to artist promotion

Despite his popularity, Stachursky was looking for new, innovative ways to promote his work. He wanted his music to be even closer to his fans, and his songs to always be at hand for listeners. He wanted his business card to be more than just a card with a name and phone number - he wanted it to be a carrier of his work.

The Solution

Music Business Cards with AR Technology

We proposed a solution that seemed impossible - business cards that play music. Thanks to our Runvido app, Stachursky's business cards came to life. When scanning the business card with a smartphone, the recipient can hear one of Stachursky's songs. This innovative and surprising solution is possible thanks to AR technology, which allows adding a digital layer to reality.

The Result

Increased Engagement and Artist Satisfaction

The effects of the collaboration with Stachursky exceeded our wildest expectations. Music business cards turned out to be a real hit, generating a large number of plays and attracting media attention. Stachursky is delighted with the end result, and his unique business cards have become the subject of many conversations, both among fans and in the music industry.

Stachursky's collaboration with Runvido has not only satisfied the artist but has also gained recognition in the music industry. This story shows how AR technology can be used in promoting artists, creating unique, engaging, and innovative forms of communication with fans. Runvido is at the forefront of this revolution, offering extraordinary solutions that help artists achieve better results.

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