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Logo Coca-Cola, globalnie rozpoznawalny symbol jednego z największych producentów napojów na świecie, prezentujące charakterystyczny, kręty napis w czerwonym kolorze.

Coca-Cola & Runvido
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Coca-Cola, the undisputed leader in soft drinks, is a company with more than 130 years of history that is constantly evolving.  Their iconic logo is not only a symbol of taste that the whole world has come to love, but also values such as unity, diversity and, above all, innovation.

The Challenge

Coca-Cola: Winning the Hearts of Consumers in a Digital World

Coca-Cola faced the challenge. The non-alcoholic beverages’ market is dominated by strong competition and clients becoming more and more demanding and aware of their choices. The company wanted to not only boost the sales of their products but also to build an even stronger bond with consumers who will be loyal to the brand. Coca-Cola was searching for effective and innovative ways to reach their goals.

The Solution

Playing with Coca-Cola: Runvido Revolutionizes Interaction with Consumers!

Runvido, as an experienced partner developed a unique solution tailored to the needs of Coca-Cola which caught the company’s attention from the beginning. Runvido designed a dedicated application that perfectly fits into Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy and effectively engages customers. The app offers a wide range of activities such as puzzles, quizzes and games which are tailored to the brand's customer profile and adjusted to current trends. A key feature of the application is the introduction of an innovative "energy consumption" mechanism. The app includes an animation of a Coca-Cola bottle whose energy gradually decreases. To recharge it, users must scan a physical Coca-Cola bottle in a store. This clever trick effectively combines the virtual world with the real one, promoting the brand's products and encouraging their purchase.

The Result

An Application that Changed the Game: Coca-Cola Doubles Sales and Gains Loyal Customers!

The Runvido application brought spectacular final results. Throughout the task, we managed to automatically recognize real Coca-Cola products using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence incorporated in our app.

Coca-Cola's collaboration with Runvido is an excellent example of how innovative technological solutions can increase customer engagement and sales. Regardless of the industry or challenges, Runvido can deliver specialized, dedicated solutions that will contribute to your company's success. Use Runvido's services to transform the way your company engages customers and boosts sales.

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