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Colliers International is a leading company offering a wide range of top-quality real estate services and investment management. 


Communication between our client and their business partners via interactive Christmas cards with special Christmas video. 


Customer communication with business partners through an interactive Christmas card with a unique Christmas video. This is an innovative and modern way to convey Christmas wishes, which not only fulfills the role of a traditional card, but also impresses with its ingenuity. The content shared on the video can simultaneously express substantive value in the form of text, but also emotional value - one of the interesting applications of this solution can be hiding under the graphics of the Christmas card personally recorded wishes, in which we will give customers, contractors or loved ones a few warm words straight from the heart.

Use of functionality


Play the video assigned to a specific graphic with Christmas wishes and an interesting video in a Christmas atmosphere.

Data analysis:

Detailed analysis of the total and unique number, length and graphical arrangement of recreations. 

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