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Runvido was founded in 2019, but the project began much earlier. In 2017, we had the idea to bring printed materials to life, as in the Harry Potter film. We created a prototype of the application that appealed to our clients. When the interest in the application grew steadily, we hired more programmers.

In March 2019, after receiving many accolades and awards in the Polish and foreign markets, we founded Runvido. At that time, a professional panel for managing active targets in the application was created.We have conducted successful marketing campaigns around the world for our small and large clients. In December 2019, we received a grant from the NCRD in the amount of more than 7 million zlotys for the development of a 3D component recognition engine, which is scheduled for the end of 2022. Currently, more large companies from all over the world have joined our clients.

By cooperating with us, You can be sure that Your company will be perceived as innovative and open to new technologies. And most importantly, we will make Augmented Reality technology help increase Your company's profits.

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Harmonious and successful employers, over fifteen years of experience in running a business, charisma and professionalism, and privately a married couple and parents of three. Meet Natalia and Grzegorz Ciosek.

Natalia Ciosek Co-Founder
Grzegorz Ciosek Co-Founder


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Paweł Nędzka
Rafał Pyndyk
Mateusz Chrobok
Paweł Janda

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