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Logo firmy ubezpieczeniowej Compensa, symbolizujące zaufanie, bezpieczeństwo i nowoczesne podejście do obsługi klienta.

Compensa Vienna Insurance Group

Compensa is an insurance company with years of experience in the Polish market, part of the Vienna Insurance Group. Thanks to the consistent development of its offer, customer service standards, and sales network, it has gained the trust of an increasing number of customers. Compensa's mission is to provide security, trust, and support in a changing world by offering the best insurance solutions and service standards. The company aspires to be the first choice for customers, business partners, and employees, aiming to be a leader in quality and technology in the Polish insurance market.

The Challenge

Innovative Presentation of Compensa's Advantages

Compensa faced the challenge of presenting its competitive advantages and differentiating itself from other insurance companies in an innovative way. They wanted to surprise participants at industry events and engage them in interaction with the company's offer. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to convey key information about services in an accessible, attractive, and engaging way. This solution had to be innovative, as traditional presentation methods, such as leaflets or lectures, are often not engaging enough to attract attention and remain in the memory of participants.

The Solution

Interactive Pictograms Using Augmented Reality Technology

Runvido suggested Compensa use AR technology at their booth to arouse interest from potential customers. Specially designed pictograms were placed at the booth, which come to life when a smartphone is hovered over them. Each of them presents unique features that distinguish Compensa from the competition. Thanks to this solution, visitors can independently discover what makes the company unique, while also getting to know the modern AR technology.

The Result

Effective Customer Engagement and Stand Out in the Insurance Market

The interactive booth using AR technology is surprising. As a result, Compensa gains more attention in the insurance market, and also earns a reputation as an innovative company that is not afraid to use modern technologies to stand out from the competition. The pictograms at the booth became an additional attraction that attracts both potential customers and people from the insurance industry who want to learn more about Compensa's innovative approach.

Compensa's cooperation with Runvido allowed the use of AR technology to increase interest in the company's offer and its image in the insurance market. The interactive pictograms at the booth proved to be an effective tool for conveying the values and unique features offered by Compensa, while drawing attention to the company's innovative approach to the insurance industry.

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