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Tingatinga x Runvido

Runvido revived E.S. Tingatinga’s paintings. Check out amazing postcards with AR technology.

During the auction that took place on 27th of February, 2023, at DESA Unicum auction house in Warsaw, 24 paintings by Zanzibar painters were auctioned. Four of them: Fight with a SnakeAfrican Buffalo, Women and In Front of the Hut by E.S. Tingatinga were processed with Augmented Reality. Thanks to Runvido traditional paintings comes to live. 

The prices for which Tingatinga’s paintings were auctioned range from 6 to 8 thousand PLN.

Tingatinga's Paintings
Auctioned paintings by E.S. Tingatinga

In DESA, paintings were brought to life for the first time thanks to the Runvido app!

After the auction, participants had the chance to get to know how Runvido works on Tingatinga’s paintings. These amazing works of art combine traditional painting with modern technology. This allows them to be interactively revived. 

For the event, we have prepared 1,200 postcards with paintings by Edward Said Tingatinga in 10x10cm size. 

After scanning the postcards via Runvido app, different videos will appear. Thanks to them you’ll learn more about the “Decalogue of Values” project. You will also know the social and educational life of the people of Zanzibar.

Runvido - how does it work?

Because of modern technology, revived postcards allow interaction with the audience. Thus, you can enjoy not only the beauty of the image itself, but also the experience of its interactive visualizations. Indulge in a unique experience and get inspired by modern works of art that come to life with Runvido. All you have to do is scan a postcard using the free app and.... behold, the image becomes an animation on your screen!

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to present our application to the auction guests. The combination of art and technology is becoming increasingly popular and seems to be inevitable.

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