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EIT 5G Turbo - an Accelerator for Runvido creators

EIT Urban Mobility Co-founded by the European Union

EIT 5G Turbo is an accelerator which supports startups which are working on 5G technologies and electronic communications services in order to improve urban mobility technologies. UltronAR was qualified into this accelerator. 62 startups out of 244 applications were chosen to join in EIT Urban Mobility thematic acceleration programmes.

EIT Urban Mobility Accelerators

EIT Urban Mobility is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. This initiative’s purpose is to fasten positive mobility changes in order to make urban spaces more living-friendly. 

EIT consociates business, educational and research organizations in order to create dynamic, cross-border partnerships. Those are innovation communities and every one of them is dedicated to searching for solutions to a specific global challenge. Not only the EIT Innovation Community develops innovative products and services, it also establishes companies and trains new generations of entrepreneurs. 

New technologies can apply in humans as well as goods and waste transportations. Supporting innovations and transformations can improve quality of life and mobility in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission which will increase the competitiveness of the European economy and, as a result, solutions to those real problems can be found. Among many challenges humanity is facing there is increasing population in cities, ways to build and maintain infrastructure as well as both economical and environmental cost of congestion. Demands of greater access and safety and questions such as those about improving the quality of the air can also be mentioned as examples of those challenges.

UltronAR selected for 5G Turbo

Among twenty startups selected for the programme EIT 5G Turbo there is the app from Runvido’s creators - UltronAR. They are going to present opportunities and solutions offered by the app which could improve urban mobility model. Presentations will be held 6-7 July 2022 at Vigo, Spain.  

5G Turbo Accelerator

EIT 5G Turbo is one of the thematic acceleration programmes by Business Creation. This programme is funded by the European Union and its purpose is to take mobility startups to the next level. 5G Turbo supports startups working on 5G technologies and electronic communications services. This programme has two stages. Within the first two months - thanks to an offer adapted to suit the programme - the company will be taken to the next level. After that time, qualified startups will participate in Demo Day. During this event the 10 most promising startups will be selected which will then continue to raise the standard of the company for the next four months.   

At last, at the final Demo Day party four startups which are the most promising and successful will be selected by the commision. Those startups will gain multiple commands regarding investments. This programme is hosted by: NextMove, Carnet, CTAG, Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and FundingBox.    

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