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Krajobraz Portugalii: Malownicze wzgórza, błękitne niebo i wybrzeże oceanu. Odkryj urok tego pięknego kraju pełnego kultury i przyrody.

Hop on Hop off

The “Hop On Hop Off” buses allow tourists to visit different portugal highlights and places in a convenient way. It works just as it sounds - “hop on hop off”, which means that passengers can join the ride and get off the bus at any stop along the way. Those buses are often double-decker with an open upper deck, giving passengers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sights and scenery during the ride. Tickets are usually valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours which allows tourists to flexibly explore the city. In Portugal such buses can be found in Lisbon, Porto or Faro, among others.

The Challenge

Motivate tourists to actively explore Portugal's cities

The client, an individual not affiliated with the Hop On Hop Off tour bus management company, noticed a problem with tourists not getting off the buses to actively explore Portuguese cities such as Porto, Funchal, Sintra and Lisbon. They wanted to find a way to encourage people to get off the bus so they can appreciate the beauty of places by going inside the monuments and discovering their secrets instead of just viewing them from the outside through the bus windows.

The Solution

Runvido creates engaging AR game for tourists

Runvido, a company specializing in the development of personalized apps and games, proposed creating an Augmented Reality game to encourage tourists to leave the buses. The game consisted of requiring participants to get off the bus, explore a place, and then take a photo or scan a specific object as confirmation that the task was completed. Players earned points for each completed task and discovered interesting facts about the places they visited. The app used geolocation to provide participants with tasks tailored to their current location.

The Result

Increased interest in active sightseeing and discovering new places

Thanks to an innovative AR game created by Runvido, tourists were more interested in leaving the Hop On Hop Off buses and actively exploring cities. The game attracted tourists who were eager to discover new places while participating in the game. As a result, the number of players using the game increased, and sightseeing became more engaging and rewarding.


Runvido, with its experience in developing personalized apps and games, successfully met the challenge posed by the client. They developed an engaging AR game that motivated tourists to leave the Hop On Hop Off buses and actively explore the cities. As a result, the number of players using the game increased, and Runvido gained a satisfied client and tourists who appreciated the innovative approach to sightseeing. The AR game helped combine fun with education, allowing tourists to discover beautiful places in Portugal in a more engaging and rewarding way.

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