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Interactive advertisement in Runvido

Boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Nowadays, advertisement is not only a text but a presentation as well. Runvido app offers innovative ways of using AR technology to boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In this article we’re going to discuss various methods of applying Runvido in interactive advertisement, including by creating unique posters, adding animation to different advertising materials and designing virtual showrooms for products.

Interactive posters

Runvido enables creating interactive posters that will display virtual pictures or videos to the viewer after scanning them with their smartphone. Such a solution allows you to enrich traditional forms of advertisement and boost its effectiveness. Moving posters can be placed on streets, in malls, on bus stations and even in cinemas. Thanks to interactive advertisements, posters will draw potential client’s attention and increase the chance of getting a message across effectively.

Videos in different advertisement materials

Another example of using Runvido in interactive advertising is adding interactive elements to marketing materials such as flyers or business cards. That way you can create more engaging and innovative messages that will attract the attention of your customers. Such animations in videos may include different parts of your material, for example a product, logo or figures. Runvido allows you to easily add moving parts to already existing advertising materials.

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Virtual showrooms

Runvido enables creating virtual showrooms for products. Potential customers can see the product as it is and take a close look at it from different sides. Interactive showrooms can be available online or on special events. It’s a perfect opportunity to show your product in an innovative way and draw customer’s attention. Such interactive advertisement allows customers to engage in the process of knowing the product and building a relationship with the brand.

Runvido - Perfect marketing tool

Runvido is a perfect tool for creating interactive advertisements for marketers and advertisers who want to enrich their marketing campaigns with modern solutions. Interactive posters, animated marketing materials and virtual showrooms are only a few of possibilities that our app offers. The use of AR technology allows to boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and increase the engagement of potential customers.

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