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Industry: Renewable Energy Sources


MDI Energia is a company specializing in the implementation of renewable energy projects and general contracting of cubature construction projects. Additionally, MAK DOM also offers turnkey apartments.


Creating a mobile application that allows you to save movies on static graphic materials, creating interactive materials from them. The concept of the application included a project of being able to see the apartments at any time, as well as to get acquainted with the current progress in construction. After completing each stage, the movie is changed, which shows what has been achieved at that moment, as well as the date of the planned end of the next stage

Use of functionality

Administrator panel

Access to an individual admin panel, with which you can publish and manage materials. 


Playing video assigned to a specific graphic - allows you to see the current condition of the premises. 

Data analysis:

Detailed analysis of the total and unique number and duration of recreations of each element.

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