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Brand: Automotive
Logo Porsche - symbol luksusu, doskonałości i innowacji w przemyśle motoryzacyjnym.

Porsche Centrum Krakow

Porsche Centrum Krakow is the newest, the biggest and the most modern Porsche centre in Poland. The company belongs to the "Kus" group, an organization with a 25-year automotive tradition, repeatedly awarded for its high sales performance and customer service standards. Porsche Centrum Krakow offers a wide range of services, such as sales of new and used cars, servicing and organization of automotive events.

The Challenge

Transforming Porsche Centrum Krakow's marketing towards modern, engaging activities

Porsche Centrum Krakow wanted to take the next steps to further develop its business, surprise customers and strengthen ties with them. They were looking for modern, innovative marketing solutions to improve communication with customers and gain valuable information about their preferences.

The Solution

Runvido introduces interactive promotional videos - New era of smartphone-scanned vouchers

Runvido has offered to introduce interactive promotional videos instead of traditional vouchers. Customers can now hover their smartphone over the voucher, and a promotional video is displayed on the device's screen. As a result, customers receive engaging and attractive content that increases their interest in Porsche Centrum Krakow's services. In addition, by tracking the location and reading time of the videos, the company gains access to valuable statistical data that they can use to further develop their marketing strategy.

The Result

A jump in interest, lasting customer relationships and access to essential statistics

The implementation of this solution contributes to strengthening the company's position in the market and increasing customer interest. It was also possible to obtain valuable statistical data that allowed the company to better understand customers' needs and adjust its offerings to meet their expectations. Customers were encouraged to follow the company's activities and take advantage of Porsche Centrum Krakow's innovative proposals.

Working with Runvido has allowed Porsche Centrum Krakow to introduce innovative marketing activities that increase customer interest and strengthen customer relationships. Transforming vouchers into interactive promotional videos that are available when scanned with a smartphone is proving to be an effective solution that benefits both the company and its customers.

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