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Brand: Gastronomy
Interaktywna okładka książki kucharskiej Szymona Czerwińskiego z możliwością wyświetlania filmów przy użyciu aplikacji AR Runvido.

Szymon Czerwinski

Finalist of the 5th edition of the popular culinary program MasterChef (TVN), who captured the hearts of the Jury and viewers with his recipes and dishes. Excellent taste and unusual combinations of ingredients took him to the semi-finals in Colombia.Szymon is the host of culinary programs aired on the Internet and kitchen on breakfast television such as Dzień Dobry TVN. He attended the Paris schools Le Cordon Bleu, Alain Ducasse, Hotel Ritz Paris (courses). Cook, enthusiast, showman and, above all, a man curious about the world.

The Challenge

Where the Traditional Book Meets Modernity - Can a Cookbook Surprise?

Chef Szymon Czerwinski wanted to surprise his readers and revitalize the art of cooking in a way that had never been seen before. In a world where recipes are often viewed on smartphone and tablet screens, publishing a traditional cookbook may have seemed a bit outdated. But is there a possibility that this familiar form could surprise and attract a new audience in the digital age? This question has become a challenge.

The Solution

A Movie in Your Book? Runvido Shows How to Do It!

Runvido saw an opportunity to show how augmented reality technology can transform the most traditional media. The solution is to use Runvido's app to overlay videos over static images in Simon's cookbook. In practice, it looks like this: after downloading the app to a smartphone, the user can point it at the images of the dishes in the book, and a video appears on the screen showing Simon himself how to prepare them. Readers can thus watch the cooking process step by step, instead of just reading about it.

The Result

Cooking on Screen - Cookbook Success with Runvido!

This innovative approach to the cookbook is proving to be a hit. Readers are surprised and delighted to be able to watch videos directly from the book. As a result, Simon's book is gaining immense popularity, and the number of video plays exceeds our wildest expectations. The feedback is positive, and readers appreciate the practical benefits of being able to watch instructional videos directly from the book.

This story shows how Runvido can help create amazing experiences, even for such traditional things as cookbooks. If you want to surprise and interest people, we're here to help. Our technology is easy to use, and the results can be truly surprising!

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