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Szymon Czerwiński

Brand: Gastronomy


Szymon Czerwinski, finalist of the 5th edition of the popular culinary program MasterChef (TVN), who captured the hearts of the Jury and viewers with his recipes and dishes.


Cookbook and Christmas card


Cookbook with an interactive cover displaying a message from the creator Szymon Czerwinski with an invitation to use his book. It's a modern way to showcase the product and encourage use at the outset. 

The second project carried out with Szymon Czerwinski was interactive Christmas cards with greetings from the chef. This is an out-of-the-box, increasingly used way of wishing your fans, customers and colleagues.

Use of functionality


Play the invitation video assigned to a particular graphic. Creative and engaging message.


The video displayed on the cover of the book, in the Runvido app, takes on a promotional function, allowing viewers to learn even more about the publication's creator.

Administrator panel

Access to an individual admin panel, with which you can publish and manage materials.

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