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Web Summit 2022 - Runvido is here

Web Summit is an annual technological conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. It focuses on internet technology, emerging technology and venture capitalism. Web Summit organizes events worldwide such as F.ounders, RISE conference in Hong Kong, Collision in Toronto, SURGE in Bangalore or MoneyConf in Dublin.

Web Summit Conference

One of the biggest technological conferences in the world, Web Summit this year takes place from 1st to 4th of November. Once again, companies and investment environments from all over the world came to Lisbon. It is estimated that over 70 thousand people from 160 countries will take part in the conference. Runvido’s representatives included. It is - without a doubt - a great opportunity and a great pleasure to present ourselves next to companies like Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz or Huawei. Within 3 days at Web Summit 2022 over 600 conversations will be held during which issues of deep technology, digital marketing, creators’ community, politics and society, climate changes, state of journalism and many others will be raised.

The gap between creativity and technology

Web Summit is revolutionizing the industry and combining stunning events with unique programming. Since its inception, it has used data analytics and web science to ensure attendees meet the right people at the right time. Forbes says it "bridges the gap between creativity and technology." The foundation of the event is Summit Engine software. It was built by a team of more than 50 engineers, researchers and product owners over more than a decade. The centerpiece of the conference is mobile and desktop applications. They allow attendees to connect with each other, hold meetings and view content on stage.  At a time of great uncertainty for many industries and even the world itself, the conference brings together founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, decision-makers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where do things go next?

Among the Web Summit’ participants there is Runvido with accompanying mobile app UltronAR. Startups’ representatives have the perfect opportunity to establish business contacts and global brand building.

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