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Art & Children exhibition with Runvido, Expo 2020, Dubai.

Industry: Banking


Art&Children, EXPO 2020 - photo exhibition by artist Sylwia Grochowska, which was presented, among others, in Dubai during EXPO 2020 in the Polish pavilion of the event. 


Promoting creative approaches to education. Disseminating cultural heritage through new technologies. The exhibits come to life through the use of the Runvido app. By hovering the Runvido app screen over a selected photograph, the viewer is shown a hidden message about the work.

Use of functionality


The movie displayed on the leaflet in the Runvido application has a promotional function.

Augmented reality:

By hovering over the picture with a smartphone with the application turned on, the user experiences the effect of augmented reality (AR).

Data analysis:

Detailed analysis of the total and unique number, length and graphical arrangement of recreations.