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Industry: Beauty
Obrazek przedstawiający ulotkę salonu urody Julii Kamińskiej.

Julia Kamińska

Julia Kaminska gained popularity as a Polish actress, screenwriter, singer and Germanist. She has starred in many well-known TV series, such as "BrzydUla," "Ja wam pokażę!" and "Barwy szczęścia." She is a graduate of German studies at the University of Gdansk and the author of the play "Niż". In recent years, Julia has also been involved in various television projects, such as "Mask Singer" and "Twoja twarz brzmi znajomo". The owner of her own beauty salon focuses on innovation and modernity in running her business.

The Challenge

Finding a Modern Way for Surprising Invitations

Julia Kaminska, wishing to celebrate the first anniversary of her beauty salon, faced the challenge of how to stand out from the competition and surprise her guests with original invitations. Traditional paper invitations no longer met her expectations, and elaborate and expensive prints were not a guarantee of success, nor would they make a significant impact on the reception of the invitation. In addition, communicating relevant information about the event and personalizing the invitations for each guest posed additional challenges. Julia wanted a solution that would simply and attractively capture the attention of the audience and intrigue them. Accordingly, she searched for ideas and technologies that would allow her to create modern, striking and at the same time functional invitations.

The Solution

Innovative Invitations Using AR Technology Thanks to Runvido

Runvido suggested using interactive invitations using AR technology. Instead of classic paper invitations, guests received special cards that came to life on a smartphone screen after installing the Runvido app. Each invitation presented an individual video, tailored to the specific recipient.

The Result

Delight and Curiosity of Guests: Unusual invitations

Salon guests were surprised and fascinated by the innovative approach to invitations. They eagerly installed the Runvido app so they could discover videos of personalized invitations. During the event, participants discussed the interactive invitations, emphasizing their originality and modernity. Julia Kaminska was very pleased with the results of the collaboration with Runvido.

Cooperation with Runvido allowed Julia Kaminska to introduce innovative, interactive invitations using AR technology. The celebration of the first anniversary of the beauty salon gained a memorable character and aroused the interest of guests, which proves the effectiveness of this solution.

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