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Niebieski napis na białym tle podkreślony czerwoną linią oraz czarny napis pod linią. Logo symbolizuje wiarygodność i solidność w branży ubezpieczeniowej.


InterRisk Insurance Company S.A. Vienna Insurance Group is one of the leading property insurers in Poland, operating in the market since 1993. As part of the international Vienna Insurance Group, the company offers a wide range of insurances, including motor, property, personal, health, and financial insurance. InterRisk values close relationships with its clients, offering them comprehensive insurance protection and expert knowledge resulting from many years of market activity.

The Challenge

Streamlining Communication with Clients and Adapting the Offer to Individual Needs

InterRisk, being one of the leading property insurers, faced the challenge of taking its offer and services to a higher level, tailored to the needs of modern customers. The company wanted to make it easier for clients to access information about current promotions and offers, while also shortening the service delivery time and adjusting the offer to the client's location. The challenge was to create an innovative solution that would combine traditional communication methods with advanced technology.

The Solution

Interactive Leaflet Using AR Technology

Runvido, with experience in working with companies in various industries, developed a unique solution for InterRisk. Using AR technology, they created an interactive leaflet that combines the advantages of traditional advertising materials with a modern approach. By scanning the leaflet with a smartphone, customers gain access to current promotions, information about the offer, and contact details of the nearest company representative thanks to geolocation.

The Result

Satisfied Clients, Time Savings, and Increased Interest in InterRisk's Offer

Thanks to the innovative solution developed by Runvido, InterRisk reaps a number of benefits. Clients appreciate the time savings and ease of access to information, which translates into greater interest in the company's offer. Geolocation allows the matching of representatives to clients' locations, which streamlines service delivery. Customer satisfaction increases, and they readily share information about the company's modern approach with friends, which in turn positively influences InterRisk's image in the insurance market.

In summary, the collaboration between InterRisk and Runvido resulted in the use of AR technology to facilitate client access to information about offers and promotions. Thanks to innovative solutions, clients save time, have quick and convenient access to data, and receive personalized information based on geolocation. As a result, these actions contribute to increased customer satisfaction and strengthen the company's image as modern and innovative.

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