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PKO Bank Polski, also known as PKO BP, is the largest retail bank in Poland, serving individuals, businesses and corporations. It offers a wide range of services, such as accounts, loans, investments, insurance, and online and mobile banking. It is a leader in innovation in the banking sector, constantly introducing new technologies.

The Challenge

An innovative approach to employee training - how to increase employee engagement and interest?

PKO BP was struggling with a problem regarding traditional methods of employee training, which were monotonous and failed to attract attention. As a result, employees showed low commitment and were not satisfied with the proposed forms of learning. The bank needed an innovative solution that would not only surprise employees, but also increase their willingness to participate in training and improve their efficiency and satisfaction with the learning process.

The Solution

A modern training application that changes the approach to learning

Runvido developed a special training application for PKO Bank Polski based on Augmented Reality technology. Posters with hidden training information were placed in the bank's outlets. Employees, using the Let's Fintech app on their smartphones, can uncover this information, which presents practical tips, such as techniques for communicating with customers, dress code or motivation for employees. The app surprises employees and encourages them to actively participate in training.

The Result

Increased employee engagement through innovative AR-based training

Thanks to the Runvido solution, PKO Bank Polski sees a significant increase in employee engagement in training. The modern approach to learning provided by the application captures the attention of employees and makes them eager to participate in training. Runvido's innovative solution contributes to the success of PKO Bank Polski's employee education process.
Zrzut ekranu z aplikacji szkoleniowej Runvido, prezentującej interaktywne materiały nauczania oparte na technologii AR dla pracowników PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski's cooperation with Runvido has resulted in the creation of a modern training application based on AR technology. Thanks to this application, employees gain access to interactive training materials that surprise and increase engagement in the education process. As a result, the bank sees an increase in the satisfaction and effectiveness of employees participating in training, which contributes to success in achieving educational goals.

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