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Introducing Innovation in Welcoming New Employees
Thanks to AR


X-KOM is a leading Polish retailer of technological products such as computers, laptops, smartphones, software, and many others. Since 2002, the company has consistently built its position in the market, both through a network of brick-and-mortar stores and an online sales platform, reaching customers throughout the country. X-KOM is known for its high-quality customer service and innovative approach to sales.

The Challenge

An Unforgettable Welcome - How to Surprise Employees in the New Office?

Faced with the challenge of opening a new office in Częstochowa, X-KOM sought an unusual solution to surprise their employees and make their welcome in the new workplace exceptional. Traditional methods were not interesting enough for them, and the company needed an idea that would truly impress.

The Solution

Runvido Brings Welcome Brochures to Life

With the Runvido app, the static brochures that employees received as part of their welcome gifts turned into animated videos with an individual greeting for each of them. This solution made the welcome of employees in the new workplace an unforgettable experience. The brochures at first glance looked like traditional informational materials. However, when the employees pointed their smartphones with the installed Runvido app at them, they discovered a magical experience. A video welcoming the employee to the new workplace appeared on the screens of their devices. This solution allowed for the use of AR technology to make the welcome not only surprising but also very personal. Additionally, the videos were tailored to the language preferences of the employees, so each of them could enjoy a personalized experience.

The Result

Exceeding Expectations - Surprising Effects of Animated Welcome Brochures

Runvido's innovative approach to welcoming employees in X-KOM's new office brought impressive results. Out of 1300 welcome brochures, the videos were played as many as 1800 times. Employees were surprised and excited about the possibilities of the application, and the news of this extraordinary solution quickly spread among their families and friends.

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Interaktywna ulotka firmy X-KOM na białym tle. Na ulotce widnieje wirtualny ekran, na którym pracownik firmy serdecznie wita w nowym miejscu pracy. Wygląda na to, że ulotka wykorzystuje technologię rozszerzonej rzeczywistości, co podkreśla innowacyjność i zaangażowanie firmy w nowoczesne technologie.

The X-KOM case study shows how Runvido can successfully apply its innovative solutions in various contexts, delivering not only value for customers but also creating unforgettable experiences for end users. This collaboration underlines that the application of Augmented Reality technology can be key to standing out in the market and building lasting relationships with employees and customers.

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