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Adam Gessler

Adam Gessler is Polish restaurateur, who brands a chain of restaurants with his name. Initially an actor. Author of the culinary book “Tastes for 52 weeks”. Known for his numerous restaurants and participation in films such as: "Action By The Arsenal", "The Gergonowa File", "Hospital of the Transfiguration" and "Breakfast in Bed".

The Challenge

Turning traditional cake descriptions into an interactive experience

Adam Gessler and Runvido faced the challenge of capturing the audience's attention. They were looking for a unique solution that would allow them to stand out from the competition. They wanted to create a way that not only made it easy to find information about unique cakes, but also made the audience curious and eager to reach out and discover more culinary experience offerings. The goal was to surprise and interest the audience, while providing them with valuable content in a simple and engaging way.

The Solution

Runvido and talking packaging

Runvido and Adam Gessler have developed an innovative solution involving the use of AR technology in cake packaging. Users can download the free Runvido app to their iOS or Android smartphones and then scan the cake packaging. As a result, the packaging displays a video in which Adam Gessler talks about the cake in question, sharing his experiences and culinary knowledge.

The Result

Revolutionizing the world of confectionery with AR technology

Thanks to the collaboration between Runvido and Adam Gessler, viewers can easily access unique cake stories. Recipients are positively surprised by this innovative solution and are eager to use the interactive materials. The collaboration between Runvido and Adam Gessler has resulted not only in an innovative approach to communicating culinary knowledge, but also in increased user satisfaction, who have gained the ability to quickly and easily access cake stories. The use of AR technology allows Runvido and Adam Gessler to surprise audiences and contribute to the popularization of such solutions in the food service industry.

The use of the Runvido platform combined with Adam Gessler's knowledge and skills brings surprising results that influence the development of both brands. This collaboration is an excellent example of the synergy between technology and gastronomy, as well as proof of how AR technology can be used in various areas of life, making everyday experiences easier and more enjoyable.

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