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PKO BP is a leading commercial bank in Poland, offering a wide range of financial services to individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations. The bank strives for continuous development and invests in new technologies to improve the quality of customer service.

The Challenge

Activation of payment cards - a challenge for the bank's customers

PKO BP customers who received new payment cards encountered difficulties activating them. The instructions attached to the cards were often incomprehensible, written in difficult language, leading to frustration and wasted time. Runvido faced the challenge of streamlining the process using augmented reality technology.

The Solution

Runvido transforms the payment card activation process with AR technology

Runvido has developed an innovative solution by overlaying an instructional video on payment cards. Users who download the free Runvido app can access the video by hovering their smartphone over the card. The video provides simple and easy-to-understand instructions for activating the card at an ATM. Within a year, one million cards with this solution were delivered.

The Result

Runvido success in streamlining payment card activation - satisfied PKO BP customers

The Runvido application is proving to be a huge success among PKO BP users. Customers are surprised by the innovative approach, but unanimously recognize it as an ideal solution to the card activation problem. The number of people who use the Runvido application has exceeded the company's expectations. Facilitating the card activation process contributes to improving customer satisfaction and the bank's image as an innovative financial institution.

The case study presents the cooperation between PKO BP and Runvido which benefits both the bank and customers, strengthening PKO BP's position as a leader in the banking market, taking care of the needs of its users. The success of this collaboration shows how an innovative approach to challenges and the use of new technologies can bring tangible benefits to both companies and their customers.As a result, the case study demonstrates the value of the collaboration between PKO BP and Runvido and the potential of their innovative approach to solving problems. This success may inspire other organizations to partner with Runvido to take advantage of the unique opportunities that augmented reality technology offers in various areas of business.

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