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We Make Future 2023

Rimini, a well-known Italian city by the sea, was transformed for three days into the pulsating heart of global innovation at the We Make Future Event 2023 event. The trade show and festival, which took place in the spacious pavilions of the Rimini Expo Centre, attracted participants from all over the world, representing a variety of industries and specializations. During the three days, delegations from nearly 90 countries had the opportunity to participate in numerous events that combined elements of Expo, education, B2B meetings, networking, culture, concerts and entertainment. The organizers’ vision was clear: to build a better future through innovation and collaboration.

Our products: UltronAR and Innovcab

Among the many innovations and solutions on display at We Make Future 2023, we were proud to present our two flagship offerings: UltronAR and Innovcab.

UltronAR is an innovative platform for creating mobile games that uses Augmented Reality technology. Users are able to build their own mobile field games using an engine for 2D and 3D objects recognition. The games are based on tasks such as taking pictures, recognizing text and solving quizzes. Moreover, UltronAR allows interaction with AR characters.

Innovcab, on the other hand, is an innovative platform that aims to connect startups with investors. Startups that want to present their revolutionary ideas to the world can do so by recording their pitch in a specially prepared pod. These recorded materials then go into a database that can be accessed by numerous investors from various industries. This gives innovative ideas a chance to meet with the right capital, which can accelerate their development or help them enter new markets.

We Make Future 2023
We Make Future 2023

Both products are designed for a future where technology and innovation go hand in hand, offering users not only entertainment but also viable solutions for business and everyday life.

Our Participation in We Make Future 2023

During the three-day We Make Future event, we had the pleasure of presenting our innovations at two booths. 

The highlight for us was our on-stage appearance, where we focused on pitching our product UltronAR. We presented the capabilities of the platform, from creating a game in less than 30 minutes to using it without any IT knowledge.  

After our speech on stage, we were asked to give a short interview, which was a great honor for us.

Our booths were very popular. Many conference attendees enjoyed the opportunity to record their innovative ideas in the Innovcab pod. UltronAR was eagerly downloaded by visitors who were able to learn how the app works, thanks to a gameplay game prepared especially for the event.

Our participation in We Make Future 2023 was not only an opportunity to present our products, but also a chance to establish valuable business contacts, exchange experiences and gain insight into the latest trends in the world of technology and innovation. The atmosphere of the event was extremely friendly, which was conducive to building relationships with other participants.

In conclusion, We Make Future 2023 was not only an opportunity for us to present our products, but also a source of inspiration and motivation for further development. We hope that in the future we will have more opportunities to meet such inspiring people and present our innovative solutions on a global stage. We look forward to the next editions of We Make Future and are sure that our presence at such events will bring even more positive experiences, new contacts and opportunities for our products.

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