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"Art & Children" at the Royal Baths Park

Runvido's unique collaboration with artist Sylwia Grochowska at the "Art & Children" exhibition.

The Art & Children exhibition is a multimedia installation using photography, film and technological innovations provided by the Runvido platform. At the same time, it combines creative aspects with education. The Art & Children project not only entertains and delights, but also opens new doors to cultural heritage and aesthetic discovery.

The author of the exhibition is Sylwia Grochowska - an artist, art historian and photographer from Warsaw. 

The exhibition can be seen from August 5, 2023 (Saturday) to August 31, 2023 (Thursday) on the fence at the main entrance to the Royal Baths Park, near the Frederic Chopin monument. 

The "Art & Children" exhibition is supported by the innovative Runvido app. After installing the app on your mobile device, all you have to do is point your phone's camera at one of the photos. Then magic happens - the images come to life, begin to speak, and an interactive part of the exhibition opens before the viewer.

The Runvido app becomes an intermediary between the viewer and the artwork, allowing interaction with artistic content in an innovative way. 

We encourage all art or technology lovers, as well as those seeking new cultural experiences to visit the Royal Baths and participate in this unique exhibition. "Art & Children" is more than an exhibition - it is a journey through art and modern technology, which together create an unforgettable experience.

Art & Children at the Royal Baths Park

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