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AR flyers - how to use them in business?

An innovative way to promote business

AR flyers are an innovative way to promote your company, which allows you to combine traditional advertising materials with modern technology of Augmented Reality. Thanks to AR flyers you can enrich their marketing campaign with an interactive element that will draw potential customers’ attention and provide a more convincing and attractive way to introduce them to your products.

AR flyers in business

AR flyers allow you to present your product in a more realistic way and to virtually try out solutions you offer. This gives potential customers a better understanding of how a product works and how it can be used in practice. Additionally, AR flyers could help you stand out from the competition which can contribute towards increasing brand attractiveness.

Marketing campaigns based on AR flyers can be used in many brands and on different selling stages. They can be applied as an educational tool to instruct customers about products and services as well as for marketing activities and contests. Thanks to the usage of QR codes on AR flyers, you can encourage your customers to actively participate in your company’s promotion and reward them in an unusual way. Interactive AR flyers are not only a modern form of advertising but also interesting means to strengthen your brand’s image. They allow you to reach a larger audience and attract their attention with eye-catching graphics. Your company might be seen as innovative and modern which will impact its perception by potential customers.

Revolutionary advertising form

Nowadays, when most people use mobile devices, AR flyers are an excellent way to draw the audience's attention and stand out from the crowd. You can gain new clients, boost your sales and enhance the image of your brand. This is an innovative and effective advertising form that should find its place in every marketing campaign.

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