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Christmas Cards with AR technology

Christmas cards are an integral part of Christmas, both in private life and in business. We give them to contractors or co-workers, expressing our thanks for our existing cooperation. Such a gesture may become an advertisement and a distinctive feature of any company. We also like to send cards to our loved ones in order to pay respects and write them a few warm words for upcoming Christmas days.

Aesthetically made cards are pleasing to the eye and could be an exceptional decorative accessory when placed in a prominent place. We’ve seen many ideas for an interesting Christmas card already - using various and unusual materials, intriguing ways of opening them or usage of protruding elements or moving parts… the list seems endless! What if we could think more outside the box?

Christmas Cards with AR technology - is that possible?

Of course it is! Runvido can revive any 2D image, including any Christmas card. By using this solution, you’ll surely surprise those who'll get a Christmas card from you.

How does it work? - check it out!

The question is: what to place on an interactive Christmas card? There are plenty of possibilities, and we want to tell you about some of them.

Interactive wishes

Our first idea is to insert Christmas wishes in a form of subtitle footage. You can create your own video with textual presentation in which you present any content to your viewers. Adding a Christmas song will wake up a holiday spirit in them even more.

Say a few words

Do you want your message to be more personal? Make a video in which you make wishes “in person”. Few words, spoken from the bottom of your heart, express more than written greetings. You can get your employees or family and friends involved and thanks to an interactive Christmas card to any place you want.

A little bit of Christmas fun

You can insert a funny video, a joke or a meme in video form on your Christmas card. Make your viewers laugh thanks to modern technology. An enormous dose of fun guaranteed!

Walking down the memory lane…

Send your loved ones a Christmas card which (after using our app) will display a video full of your pictures together. Capture the best moments of the year passing.

kartki świąteczne
Christmas cards with AR technology

It’s only some of the ideas on how you can use Augmented Reality in your Christmas card. Possibilities are endless - we can insert anything you want.

You can order your Christmas card today. We offer you a modern solution based on AR technology - Christmas cards for businesses but not only. Get in touch with us and we happily create a personalized offer for you!!

Do you have any idea what you would put on your Christmas card? Let us know in the comments!


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